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Alaska Cruise Adventure... Loveland Travel Club Welcomes All

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    This Summer enjoy a truly Epic Vacation!! Escape the Summer heat and smoke~Cool off in Alaska! Whether you have only a few days or a few weeks; Alaska offers a multitude of continuous, breathtaking moments. Start or end with cruising the Inside Passage, stopping at quaint frontier towns to experience "Gold Rush" era culture, Native villages with hand-carved totems and unspoiled wilderness, including temperate rain forests. Enjoy captivating cruises into ice-carved fjords, Glacier Bay National Park and Prince William Sound to view dazzling walls of glowing blue ice, massive frozen rivers and tumbling waterfalls. Hear the unique sound of "white thunder" as the glaciers calf icebergs into the sparkling tidewater below. Stand awe inspired as you watch breaching whales, playful otters and seals, soaring eagles. Sample authentic Alaskan cuisine, including salmon that, perhaps, you caught yourself!

  • Experience Local Wildlife

    Celebrate your summer vacation in a BIG way, with the largest state, tallest mountains in North America, longest coastline and largest national parks in the States, Alaska's legendary "Big Four": moose, caribou, Dall sheep and grizzly bear and Wilderness options in Denali, the Tundra and the Yukon! Revel in Alaska's pristine wildlife habitat, one of the planet's last intact ecosystems!

  • Alaska Details

    Elegant cruise ships depart from various ports weekly, May through September. You will also be able to enjoy travels by plane, jeep, trains, river rafts, ATVs, helicopters, coaches, ziplines, floatplanes, water taxis and ferrys. Your choices are almost as limitless as the awe inspiring scenery!

    We invite you to immerse yourself in the serenity and beauty of nature amidst land and seascapes as wild and captivating as when they were first discovered. Join us! Experience Alaska with all your heart, soul and being! This Summer, truly enjoy an Epic Vacation and life altering experience!

  • Cruise Details

    This tour is offered May - September, call Leslie at Lotus Travel, your Loveland Travel Agent and Loveland Travel Club Hostess, for current fares and promotions. Leslie will also take care of all your travel insurance needs.

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