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"Let's turn your dream vacation into a reality."
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Welcome to Lotus Travel Deals ~ Your Loveland Travel Professional and Local Travel Agent

I invite you to get to know this wide, wonderous world we live in better!   Explore and experience!!  Not all who wander are lost.   I will help you arrange all your explorations, so that you can sit back and enjoy!   I will customize your vacation; selecting from all the many travel options available, to match your individual desires; freeing you to enjoy your time away more fully.

I prefer to work with travel providers who have earned a good reputation and continue to prove it, pleasing generations of travelers. I partner with providers my father enjoyed traveling with and I still use to this day. Combine these with our most modern upgrades and I've got you covered! Vacations dreams are made of!!

Customized Vacations

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a family reunion, a cruise to an exotic location or an all-inclusive resort, an escorted tour or adventure travel, music themed cruises or retreats, river cruises or the most romantic trip of your lifetime, your destination wedding or honeymoon; I love to arrange them all!  Travel is about the exhilarating feeling of expanding your horizons! I will take the stress out of sorting through all that is available out there and present you with delightful options you can enjoy with confidence.

Group Travels ~ Loveland Travel Club ~ Friends Traveling With Friends

If you enjoy traveling with a group feel free to join one of the tours I am currently booking, or bring your group to me and I will develop an itinerary for you. Also, if you happen to live in the Loveland, CO, area you are welcome to join our Loveland Travel Club.

Live Music Themed Chartered Cruises  Live Chartered Music Cruise Now Booking

If you love cruising and you love music, combine these two loves and you get true love!!!  It's brilliant!  All the joys and bliss of cruising plus concerts and music event after event, all while living aboard a ship with your favorite musicians.  What am incredible experience!!  You have got to try this!

Soul Train - Jazz - Country - Malt Shop - Loveland Travel Club Welcomes You - 7 Day Cruises

Loveland Travel Club Presents New England and Eastern Canada  New England Canadian Cruise Now Booking

Savor the diversity and history of the great cities of New England and Eastern Canada on this enchanting vacation featuring a 7-night cruise. Offered May thru September

World Cruises ~ Exotic Cruises

Let your imagination wander. Where have you dreamed of traveling? Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand? Perhaps the serenity of the Islands; Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Samoa. Is it the mystic wonder of ancient ruins in Guatemala and Belize or Machu Picchu? UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Want it all? If you have the time, it can all be yours with the unparalleled opportunity of a World Cruise. Any of these options will take your breath away!!

Note – I am currently booking this years and next years, 100+ day World Cruises. Contact me for details and fares. The only thing better than a good cruise is a longer cruise!!

Then when all good things must end; quoting Erma Bombeck, "When you look like your passport photo, it's time to go home."

Travel Insurance ~ Travel With Confidence

Travel With Confidence-Insure Your Travels. Cover your trip against the unexpected. Contact Leslie, Your Loveland Travel Professional. I will help you insure all your travels; meeting all your travel insurance needs.